How to make a Webpage

When making a webpage, using html coding is the way to go!
1. First open up a notepad, notepad ++, or textwrangler on your computer.

2. Then name the document as whatever you need to and save it.

3. Start your first line of code as an open arrow, an exclamation point,the word DOCTYPE in all capital letters, the word html in lowercase and a closed arrow. It should look like this <!DOCTYPE HTML >.

4.Your second line of code should look like this <html> . Your html code shoudl start with this and end with </html>.

5. Your third line of code should be <body>. The text in your body is the text that the viewer of the website will see.

6. This is optional but you can have a header if you would like to. You can have multiple headers in one series of code so the first one would be written in the tag <h1>. You then would write what you would want your header to be and conclude the line with </h1>.

7. After the heading, you would have a paragraph. A paragraph's starting tag should be <p>. Inside you would then write the paragraph and end it with </p>.

8. You then end your code with </body> and finally </html>.