My Hobbies

I am a student at BSGE and my nickname is Mia. I enjoy playing the piano, running and art. I try to play the guitar occasionally, even though I can only preform Twinkle Twinkle. My favorite colors are pastels, turquoise, lavender and powder pink. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is 10 years old and my sister is now 7 years old. My brothers name is Shaon and my sisters name is Amelie. Amelie loves horses and flamingoes. My brother loves to play sports such as hockey and soccer. I play soccer with my brother in the park occasionally, and I enjoy playing tennis. I can also play badminton.

My Favorite Items

My mother is from Poland and my father is from Bangladesh so I am in a very diverse household. I am exposed to both cultures. Some of my favorite foods are pierogi, a type of dumpling, noodles and onions, curry, lasagna and pasta. My favorite dessert is black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips. Occasionally, after school, my friends and I go to the deli, Starbucks and Panera.