Steps to create a Website

Step 1: Learn the format and parts when writing html.
     For example, learn about how to set up the title, and about the head and body.

Step 2: Set up the basics.
     For example, start your html by:

<!DOCTYPE html>
     <title>Your Title</title>

Step 3: Now that you formatted the basics, you can start adding to the body.
     For example, you can use headings and paragraphs to express your views. There are different numbered headings (h1, h2, h3).
As the heading number increases the importance and size of that heading decreases. h3 will be smaller than h1.

<h1>Your Heading</h1>

Step 4: Now that you are done, you can add extras, such as playing with color, background, fonts and sizes of words.
This is called styling, or html.

     Below are some examples of the above.
<body style="background-color:black;">
<h1 style="color:white;">Text</h1>     
This makes the background black and the writing white.

Step 5: There are still many things to explore! You can play with adding links and images that connect to other sites.