My name is Emily Chen and I am an 8th grader at BSGE. My life can be pretty dull compared to others but so what. I don't know what else to write because like I said, my life is pretty dull. I guess I should just mention more stuff about me. I like to play soccer and draw. I do know how to play the piano, clarinet, and violin, but mostly violin. I haven't done anything illegal. My favorite subject in school is gym, or "physical education". But many people tell me that doesn't count so I guess my favorite subject is math then. I consider myself socialy awkward and terrible at spelling. Oh yeah, and I like taking aesthetic looking photos too. Some people call me a "nerd" but I would like to take the time in this short "about me" to say that I am not at all a nerd. I can't work with technology, procrastination is my worst enemy, and I don't study that much.


Hi m name is still Emily and apparently i don't have wifi to submit this. But I did it! I promise! Ahhhh. Being an 8th grader is stressful. SItuations where you have to memorize an entire page of a different language in around two days, or just comepletely forgetting you had a test. Or maybe thats just me being irresponsible. I guess to make this seem more on topic I'll say that when I grow up I want to create a buisness, or something along those lines. I also had dreams of being the president of the United States when I was in 3rd grade, that doesn't seem so appealing anymore. My favorite color is black, my favorite food is teh bad-for-your-health kind, and I want to learn guitar. That should be about it for my two paragraphs.