how to make a webpage

To make a webpage is actually simpler than it sounds. A least thats what I think. To create a webpage, first you should know the basic format. The less than symbol and greater than symbols are used to hold code. for the webpages we've been writing all starts the same. First you have to name the type of html thing.
ex: <!DOCTYPE html>
Then you have the code <html> followed by the head and body.
If you want to have a title for your webpage, you have to include the tag <title>this is your title</title> inside the head. For each code, you need to close it after you finish writing the content inside of it. To close a tag you use the backward slash "/". For example to close the html at the end you use the end tag </html>. There are also some other tags that you should know.
<p> is for paragraphs. <img src=this is your image link path thingy> is for images. <h1> is for a heading This together looks like this:
<title>this is your title</title>
<h1>this is a heading</h1>
<p>this is a pragraph</p>