Jonathan's Website

I'm currently an 8th grade student at BSGE, and the tallest in my stream (I take too much pride in that). I live near Queens College. I enjoy basketball, especially the height abuse that I dish out (I take too much pride in that too). I enjoy Japanese culture, mostly the food and entertainment. I'm Chinese/Taiwanese, and yet I enjoy another race's culture more than I do my own. How amusing. It has always been a personal dream of mine to start a debate club. I want it to be a place where logical people can speak their mind and better understand others through the art of debate. Other short term goals I have include improving my drawing skills and plan out stuff do to for upcoming vacations.

I have a younger sister who is currently in the 5th grade. The rest of family is forgettable. I love listening to music, and I'm open to any kind of music. I've listened to almost every kind of musical genre that is out there. My favorite artists are Eminem (well-known) and Porter Robinson (not so well-known). My hopes for 8th grade tech mainly involve developing an understanding of html, javascript, etc. I hope that the work will be reasonable in both difficulty and quantity, because I'm not the best at motivating myself to do work.