My Favorite Websites and Pictures

My favorite website has never changed. It will always be the #1 website to me, without a doubt. This website will forever hold in special place in my heart because of the memories I made on this website. The name of this website is YouTube. It is a place in which content creators can create and share videos on their own respective channels to get recognized. These videos can be on anything, from gaming to politics. Over time, these creators will develop fanbases of various sizes. YouTube can be a person's career, or just a hobby. I want to use this moment to make a shout-out to an acquaintance of mine who uploads CSGO videos on YouTube. Keep up the good work. Another website that I like is ThisIsHowToDoStuff. Although it can't compare to my love for YouTube, it is still a website that brings me joy. It is a website that shares interesting interpretations of basic instructions, idimos, and sayings. When I first saw it 3 years ago, I almost died laughing. 3 years later, I still almost die laughing.

I have no unique connections to silly pictures. I value them much less than I do YouTube. However, I thoroughly enjoy a certain type of pictures called memes. They essentially consist of a silly picture with an even funnier caption. My recent favorites are the ones that involve Donald Trump.

The following links will lead to my 2 personal favorite websites

Link to YouTube Link to ThisIsHowToDoStuff

The 2 pictures shown below are a sample of high quality memes

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