Styles and Formatting

Disclaimer: I do go off on tangents

My favorite color is gray, but not for emo reasons. Besides the fact that it just naturally appeals to me, it is the result of when black and white was mixed. One would think that mixing two polar opposites would result in disaster, but instead, it just makes something stable. Gray isn't a vibrant or outrageously unique color. But that's why I like it. You can count on it as a standard color to wear, there is no risk in people judging you for wearing gray. Although not many people like it, not many people can hate it either because it is just so ordinary. Gray is normal, like me, and that's ok.

My preference of style for clothing is not a certain designer brand, or super-expensive shoes. It's enough for me just to make yourself look presentable and show the rest of the world that you aren't an uncultured swine. I think that people should care about how they present themselves, but not to the degree that some fashion divas take it to.

P.S. I do have preference for height, which is a type of body style. I have a tendency to befriend people that are either really short or really tall