So, you came here to find out how to make a website. Well, good thing you found my website and not some of my classmates'. Making a basic website once you're accustomed to the language. Let's begin!

The Actual Work!

Step 1

So, open up Notepad, or TextEdit if you're on a Mac. (If you want, you can download Notepad++ or TextWrangler, as they can aid in your HTML adventure!).

At the top, you need to write <!DOCTYPE html>, as this shows what type of document this is supposed to be.

Step 2

Then, you press enter to write <html> on a new line. This helps your document stay organized when you're writing your code. Then write <head>. This tag is everything in the tab. Press enter to add <title>, as this shows what will be displayed in the tab. Then write </title> to close off the tag. Everytime you're finished with a tag, you have to close it.

Step 3

After you close off the title and head, open up the <body>. The body has everything that will be displayed in the webpage. Here you can add images, text, links and more!

Step 4

Once you open up the body, type <h1>, this will be the heading of the website. It will looks like the Introduction! heading on this website. Then close that off. After that, type <p>, this is the paragraph tag. Anything that you type after the tag will show up like this text here. After you're done, close off the p tag.

Step 5

After you closed off the p tag, close off the body tag. Then, finally close off the html tag. And your website is done! Save your hard work with the .html ending. Double click to open the file and tadahh! Your website is there! Enjoy!