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New York

The City That Never Sleeps

The Great City of New York is made of five different boroughs each with people of different races, colors, and beliefs. NYC is the most diverse city with people from all around the world from all different countries. These boroughs are Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan. The main tourist borough is Manhattan because it contains many wonders, adventures, and excitement. America was ruled by the British starting in 1776 but this rule ended in 1873 when America won the war. This was the spark of new beginnings and the wonderful New York City in America.

All boroughs attract tourist but Manhattan is 22.8 square miles of greatness. One of the greatest places in Manhattan is Central Park. It is extremely large and has fun for all ages with amazing sites to see. As you explore Manhattan a very tall building will catch you attention, The Empire State Building is home to over 1000 businesses and has its own zip codes at 10118. New York City is also home to Time Square, a rich tourist site that uses screens and lights to attract anyone. NYC is one of the largest cities in the Western Hemisphere since the 1830's. Now NYC is home to about 8.5 million people.