How to HTML Code

HTML may seem like a complex language to learn, but once you know all of its codes, it is easy to make your own webpages!

First, every HTML-coded webpage starts with the doctype. This is the only code that should be in caps. its is written as <!DOCTYPE html>. Then you must open your html. On a separate line, type <html>.

Then, you need to create your head. This section has the name that the webpage would show up as in the tab of a browser, and all of the hidden information to identify your webpage that the viewers don't need to see. To open this, use <head>. Then to write your tab label, you write <title>(whatever title you want)</title>

Information that isn't visible to the viewer is put as metadata. Metadata gives the browser a little bit of information about what your webpage is about. A few kinds of metadata are:
<meta charset="UTF-8"> which sets the viewing language to english.
<meta name="description" content="____"> where you can fill in the blank to give a little description about your webpage,
<meta name="author" content="___"> Which gives your webpage an author (you),
and <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> which scales the webpage to fit the size of your window.

Once this is all done, you must close your head. Do this by putting </head> on a separate line.

Next, open your body using the <body> tag. This is where all of your visible content will go. In here, you can create headings and paragraphs to display to your viewers. To create a heading, type <h(pick a number 1 through 6)>(whatever Heading you want)</h(whatever the number was> the numbers determine the size of the heading, 1 being the biggest, 6 being the smallest.

Next, create your paragraphs. Use the <p> tag, then write your chunk of text, and close it with the </p> tag.

Close your body using the </body> on a separate line, and then close your html using the </html> tag.

And those are the basics to HTML coding. It may seem complicated at first, but the more you code the easier and faster you will get at creating your own webpages.