This is a home page with links to all the web pages that I have created thus far.

New York


File Descriptions

  1. Unit 1 Day 1unit1day1.html contains a heading with my first name and two paragraphs about myself (nothing too personal).
  2. Unit 1 Day 2unit1day2.html contains a main heading (h1) with a title attribute that tells a secret desire of mine, two working links to web pages that I like, and two silly pictures.
  3. Unit 1 Day 3unit1day3.html has two types of headings, line breaks, two types of quotations, and one type of computer code tags to create a page that shows the lyrics of my favorite song and the lines of my favorite poem.
  4. Unit 1 Day 4unit1day4.html contains links to three web pages: unit1day1.html, unit1day2.html, and unit1day3.html. It also contains a picture that presents my favorite TV show. All of these files are attached with relative paths only.
  5. Unit 1 Day 5unit1day5.html discusses my favorite colors and styles, such as in fashion, in team, national, cultural allegiance, or in other tastes. I demonstrated my styles on this page by using inline style codes.
  6. Unit 1 Day 6unit1day6.html has metadata for the page’s charset, description, author, and viewport. This page also explains why the metadata is needed.
  7. Unit 1 Day 7unit1day7.html displays the code <html> on the page in web browsers. This page also includes a short tutorial on how to write a web page using HTML.
  8. Unit 1 Day 8unit1day8.html includes a table that displays my weekly class schedule (5 days, 8 periods). The page has also has column and row headings.
  9. Unit 1 Day 9unit1day9.html presents three different lists with 4 items each. Each item is a different line. To add on, the lists are about my favorite sports, favorite places, and favorite foods.
  10. Unit 1 Day 10unit1day10.html has six paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum that are divided into three divs. The three divs appear as three columns of text. The first letter of every paragraph is a special character with a different font, color, and size of the letter than the rest of the paragraph because I want them to stand out.
  11. Unit 2 Day 4unit2day4.html has an inline stylesheet with CSS code, eight Lorem Ipsum paragraphs, four h2 heading, and one main (h1) heading. I divided the paragraphs and headings into classes and created an ID for the last paragraph. All headings are centered. The headings have a different font than the paragraphs. The background color of the “first” class is different from the rest of the page. The “last” ID has a different text color from the rest of the page.
  12. Unit 2 Day 5unit2day5.html has four paragraphs of Lorem Lipsum with at least four lines of text and 4 links to other web pages. I used pseudo-element styles to make the first line of each paragraph a different color. I also used class and pseudo-class styles to change the way each link looks before, during, and after you click on it.
  13. Unit 2 Day 6unit2day6.html has one main heading (h1), two paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum with at least four lines of text each, and two images. I turned one of the images into a background image for a paragraph. That paragraph has some padding (equal on all sides) and a thick border. The other paragraph has a background-color, a larger amount of padding (different for each side) and a border different for all sides.
  14. Unit 2 Day 7unit2day7.html has a horizontal, vertical, and dropdown navigation bar that link to all of the web pages you have made so far and three other websites linked as external links with absolute paths.
  15. Unit 2 Day 8unit2day8.html has four paragraphs of Lorem Lipsum with at least four lines of text, one main (h1) heading, and two images. Every paragraph has a border, padding, and outline. The paragraphs and pictures fit together as three columns because I used the float property.
  16. Unit 2 Day 9unit2day9.html is a multiplication table with the numbers 1 to 12 as the headings of each column and row, and the cells being the product of the column and row headings. I also used CSS styles like table borders, alignment of contents, and horizontal or vertical scroll bars to make the table looks aesthetically pleasing.
  17. Unit 2 Day 10unit2day10.html has one main heading (h1), two subheadings (h2), four paragraphs (p) of Lorem Ipsum with at least 4 lines each, and two pictures. To make this page unique, I used an embedded font, animation of the images, border corners, and gradient.
  18. Unit 2 Day 11unit2day11.css is an external stylesheet that is linked to three web pages that already existed on my site. The three web pages that I linked to are unit1day2.html, unit2day4.html, and unit2day7.html.

Extra Resources


Click on sketch-pad image to reach a website to draw online or edit pictures.

Google Search

Click on the google website image if you want to search something up.

Photograph Credit

New York photograph was taken by Victoria G.