About Me, Abraham Groner

Hello everyone! Right now you are probably wondering from my extravagant heading, who is this kid Abraham? I am here to answer that question. First of all that kid is me. I am your average 13 year old boy (Depends on how you define average). I am athletic, kind of tall, have long hair, and half Asian and half white. On a normal day, I wake up, I go to school, long until I am back home, and then come home, and procrastinate about all the homework that I have to do. Now you might be wondering, what else do I do when I am not at school, doing homework, or procrastinating about the homework I have to do. Great question because that brings me to my likes and dislikes.

From 4, 5, to 6 days a week, I am out playing soccer. I usually go out and play in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Soccer is one of my favorite sports. I love watching it, playing it, etc. Other sports I like are basketball, tennis and golf. I also enjoy to watch football, not as much play it. Things I do not like are homework, long car rides, airplane rides, boat rides, and seafood. Although I know that so many kids love doing homework, I for one am not a huge fan of it. As for long car rides, I just do not like being in one place for so long and it gets really boring. Airplane rides are the same but I get motion sickness and sea sickness for boats. As far as seafood goes, I just despise it. Fish, crab, lobster, mussels, oysters, scallops, and all the rest of it. Just to clarify, I am a great lover of the sea world, but not eating it. So that is basically all there is to know about me. Bye everyone.