How to Write HTML

There are 7 basic tags to begin writing html. The first one is <!DOCTYPE html>.This first tag defines this as html5. The next tag you need to use is <html>. After this, your next tag should be <head>. The head contains invisible information that is needed for the website but the viewer can't see it. After <head>, is the <title> tag. After you write <title>, you can write what you want the title to be then a closing tag which would be, </title>. Closing tags always have the backslash. After the title you can close the head by doing </head>. Next, to clarify that you will move on to the actual context of the webpage, write <body>. Then you can move onto the context by first writing your header. The header can be written in between the tags: <h1> and the </h1> tags. After the heading, the rest of your information can be put inside the tags: <p> and </p>. To finish your webpage, write </body> and </html>.