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My website will be focused on the use of HTML, Hyper Mark up Text Language.

The first link is an introduction of me. I used the basics of HTML to create this webpage. Day 2 includes more attributes, links, and images. Day 3 is a page of my favorite songs. Day 4 is a page of links to previous pages. Day 5 incorporates different fonts, font families, and colors. The sixth page explains the heading section of HTML. On Day 7, there is a simple and basic tutorial on writing a webpage. Day 8 is an easy page about creating tables. The web page for day 9 has three distinct-looking lists. Day 10 is about applying effects to specific areas of a web page. Unit 2 Day 4 has an inline stylesheet with CSS code, eight paragraphs, and four h2 headings. The paragraphs and headings are in classes and there is an ID for the last paragraph. The style is very different.