This is my first heading

this is my second heading

I don’t know what to put in this
I need to finish this

This is trippy not going to lie
I don’t think it will work
Oh crap it works

I got this from a random lyric generator for rap. I SWEAR IT WASN'T INTENTONAL

I'm j*cking off with Jergens And I'm jerking but this whole bag of Viagra isn't working.

Here's another quote I searched up

"He who loses, wins the race, And parallel lines meet in space"

Poem by Langston Hughes 'Park Bench'

     I live on a park bench.
You, Park Avenue.
Hell of a distance
Between us two.

I beg a dime for dinner-
You got a butler and maid.
But I'm wakin' up!
Say, ain't you afraid

That I might, just maybe,
In a year or two,
Move on over
To Park Avenue?