I want to punch the bully from 4th grade who always took my chocolate milk

I have a lot of websites I'm intersted in but a lot of them are restricted by the school so I can't really so you them. Oh well,I'll just show them to you after school eve you want to REALLY see.

This has really cool music of any genre, but no one gives this website a chance to It has quality underground materials and has a couple fire mixtapes and EPs. I also have two other websites I visit regularly and this is a pretty cool website This has some soothing music and videos to watch :) (Please don't have it blocked). I also often go to this website often It has some, well, views on humanity but I feel like it's a good website to read every night (This might be blocked as well so I'll leave the websites down below).. Since I know the reality of the last two not being blocked by the system is slim to none, I have Club penguin to show you This is going to OFFICIALLY shut down this year, so I suggest you get a club penguin membership before it shuts down.

I like these pictures


1st website 2nd website 3rd one