Hi! I'm Umaiya and I'm a student at BSGE. I think that's really it about myself to be honest. I don't know what to say anymore except for the fact that I really hate everybody. I would rather stuff my face with popcorn and watch netflix or sleep instead of dealing with people everyday, it's a very big effort to deal everybody and pretending that you're some really nice person when you're really somebody just wants to go home and sleep. I also deal with school and homework I really don't need anything else adding on to the list of stupid things I deal with almost everyday. I think that death is a beautiful thing I don't why so many people are scared of it. I mean if you died that's just how it is, there's no way to change what's going to happen next, it's inevitable. After somebody dies and then theres the whole funeral and sad people but after that the dead person is buried underground and after their death, people place flowers every so often, and I think that it's beautiful. Funeral's are so fun, everybody is so sad and you can play around with their feelings so much that you may end up making them cry. I guess I'm crazy but I'm really just expressing how much I hate people and how much I love being alone.

Being alone is the best thing ever. First off you have nobody to bother you. Second all you do all day is stay in your room for 10 hours and watch netflix and occasionally getting up to eat food. Supernatural is the best thing ever and it has 11 seasons on netflix right now so you won't be sad when you end up finishing a whole season in a few days because theres still 10 more to go! Also episodes for season 12 are currently being made and there will be a season 13 as well. Therefore, it's the best show to binge watch and it's one of my favorite shows ever. The main characters die several times, but they always come back to life in the end. American horror story and Arrow is also great. Honestly I really like these show because of all of the death, it's fun to see people dying and being sad. But yeah that's really it about me.