Here, I will give you an amazing link so you can use that instead of using my tutorial, because you will gain a lot more from that website instead of me, so go on use it. Or you can be stupid and read this. In order to make a website you have to start off with <!DOCTYPE html > all the time, then the <html> code, that's needed in order to start it off. Then the &tl;head> inside this tag goes the title and the metadata, stuff about the website but doesn't actually show up when you show click to see the website. That's the end of the <head> tag. Then the body tag starts with the and <p> <h1> is the heading tag and the <p> tag is for all the writing inside it. <h1> is used to show the most important heading and the <h2> all the way to <h6> is used to show the most important tags to least important heading, the <h1> being the most important. In order to use it again the <h1> tag a line would have to be made in order to separate it, which it used by the (enter the tag) tag. Inside the paragraph is where everything else has to be, the <p> tag. You can put a paragraph, pictures, links to other websites, essentially what it is really used for is to put the most important stuff to put into the website. Colors and fonts can be added in them too, <body style="property:value;"> that's the tag, the style is inside the tag as you can see. Links are added in using the <a href="(the link)">(stuff for the link) /a> In order to end any tag at all it's always used with a slash </p>