Get To Know My Lifestyle

I am a very extra sort of person, but at the same time really simple. I prefer to wear just a simple t-shirt and skinny jeans with a few a accessories here and there, but everything has to be black of course. Sometimes I wear dresses or fancy clothing and go all out with the bling. There's no in between for me, I either look like a emo hobo or a very expensive lady.

My style icons would have to be Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid, even though I do absolutey nothing to look like them. I woould rather wear all black from head to toe every single day of my life than be very fashionable on a daily basis and attract attention to myself.

I really like my cultural bridal dresses with all the bright red colors and sequins and beads and just all the bling on. However, these dresses are really big, heavy, and really really expensive. I rarely where cultural clothes unless I go to family get togethers and even then I won't wear something really traditional unless there are going to be a lot of judgemental aunts and uncles. All in all, most of the time I dont really put too much thought into what I wear as long as it is comfortable and presentable in public. (Honestly, I'm just too lazy to dress up).