Metropolitan Museum NYC Guide For Tourist SCRUBS Metropolitan Museum

...Made By Another NYC Scrub

This guide was created with the purpose to grab an NYC tourist's attention and let them know how to make their stay in NYC a little more safer. Little more fantastic. And overall, have a good time :D.
And if you're a little hesitant of visiting this wonderful city... what's wrong with you? This city is filled with wonders that you can't experience sitting back at home. With so many places to visit, how can you turn this place down?
Rockefeller Center, Metropolitan City, and even the Statue of Liberty? Yeah.. your opinion will definetly change after fully reading this guide.
Well, whatcha waiting for? Hurry and read, scrub!

Description Of Each Page In This Guide!

Homepage - Main Page Of This Guide
Best Food/Restaurants - Food That Should Be Eaten In NYC/Restaurants That Serve The Best Prices
Transportation - Information On The NYC Subway and Taxi Services
Popular Attractions - Popular Places That Every Tourist Needs To See In NYC
Hotels (Where To Stay) - Which Hotels Give The Best Deals
What To Look Out For - What Every Tourist Needs To Be Vigilant Of In NYC
Bibliograpy - A List Of The Sources Used

Metropolitan Statue Of Liberty