What am I doing with my life? -Bryan

Hi there! My name is Bryan, but some people call me Eric. But I'm not Eric. I'm Bryan. You can tell the difference because I like pie and he doesn't (well, I don't think he does). Also, I have glasses and he doesn't, and he has a decent phone and I don't, and he has no life but I do... oh wait. I don't. Anyway, I am an 8th grader at the Baccalaureate School for Global Education, or BSGE for short. I love computers. And when I say "I love computers", I mean I love using them, not actually making them. I'm lazy, but not as lazy as some of my friends, oh wait, what? I don't like reading, but if you make me read and threaten to lower my grade, then I will read. The only time you will see me doing extracurricular activities is if my parents make me. I have a grandmother who understands how hard it is to get up at 6 in the morning and take care of sutff on your own, and another grandmother who tries to spoils me every chance she gets. And I have a brother who is really annoying. He is in 4th grade but acts like a kindergardener on purpose. By now I'm just typing stuff to try and fill the page so I look smart.

My favorite game is Clash Royale, which is a 2016 game. But it is 2017 and I have no life, therefore I am playing Clash Royale. I'm bad at basketball. I cannot make a shot in a real game, and I have half a chance to actually make a shot while standing still. I love making what I like to call "yolo-shots" where I just stand 500 feet away from the hoop and just throw the ball somewhere at the backboard and I get that 1 out of a gajillion chance that I actually make it in. When I do, I dab because why not. Mr. Wolov still plays Mario Kart, so I believe that I have a right to dab in 2017. I have an orange sitting on my desk because apparently it's part of the Chinese New Year traditions. I've run out of things to write. So I'm gonna just end it here. Oh, and I forgot to tell you something. I like pie. :P(ie) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ GET TRIGGERED