Let's Get Started

So my name is Cindy and I’m going to tell you about myself. So consider yourself welcomed to CindyTopia!If you are my friend you would understand that that was a joke.Anyways letget to know the basic things about myself. To be honest I am a very awkward person. But sometimes I can be way too enrgetic,annoying,talkative, and just weird.I am that girl who is quiet in class but loud outside of class. In class I try to stay focus and not get into trouble with the teacher. Most of the time I'm just scared of teachers.But when I'm outside of class I would be that person who wouldn't shut up until they tierd themselves out.

On the other hand I am a huge K-pop fan. You're probably thinking 'oh you're one of those people who listens to korean music.' Yes I do listen to it. It just interests me and I like the music.Two major groups that I listen to is BTS, and SEVENTEEN. There isn't a problem with that. Another thing about myself is that I like to play sports also. SUch as badminton, Swimming, basketball, football, and etc. That is what I would define myself if I were to think of it immediatly when asked.