My Taste in Style

My type of style is basically just neutral colors in the winter/fall and bright colors in the spring/summer. Neutral colors such as:Black,Grey,and White. I t is easy to match clothes with.

My Favorite colors

My Favorite colors are:

Navy blue or any shade of blue


What I would/like to wear

I like wearing just leggings, joggers, or cuff jeans with a plain t-shirt with a sweater or cardigan.Or just a hoodie. I would wear shoes that are low top or hight top. As for hair style and color I prefer brown hair or ash hair color, or pastel high lights on the bottom half or tip on the hair. I like korean style since it looks modern and plain. It also looks astheticlly pleasing. I also like the sporty look which consists of just comfertable pants and shirts.Thta is what I prefer to wear on a daily basis.