How to make a web page!

When making a website you have to open TextWrangler on Mac and NotePad on windows. The first thing you need to do is always start with <!DOCTYPE html>. next you have to put <html>.Then put the head of the webpage so you would put <head>. Inside the head is the title that your webpage will be on the tab. The code will be <title>the title</title>. After this you will have to close the head so you would do </head>. After this you want a body to write what your website is going to be so you would have to do <body>.inside the body you have to have paragraphs to write in the body. A paragraphs code is <p>. Then you could write anything in this area. If you want breaks you could use <br>. When you finish the paragraph you just close it off using </p>. If you want multiple paragraphs you DON'T write <p2> you just keep writing <p>. After you just have to close off the body by doing </body>.And to end your page you HAVE to do </html>.That is how you make a webpage.