A heading

A paragraph about me. Hey, how are you? It's me, Dart. Hi. This is in existance because of tech.
I know it's bad, don't ask. We did this mainly to get better
at html, but I doubt my worthiness. How are you? I'm great.
I go to BSGE here in New York, were I learn how to make cool websites.
I dance. I watch anime. I dunno. I do stuff.
Oh, have you heard of Yuri on Ice? Watch it!
Yeah...That's about it. Hope this is enough.

But i have to do two paragraphs, so here I go. This is all edited, by the way, because
I had so many bugs with the first version it was sad. I forgot the body, I had the head
in the wrong place... does this tell you enough?
Oh yeah also I listen to MCR

and I know that this entire page looks like the Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS in real life video.