Times were changing during 1865. The war was over, the Union the victors, and so the nation was ravaged. The Union banned slavery. There was no more Lincoln. He was shot and replaced by Andrew Johnson. Johnson seemed to be a good candidate but he was both stubborn and a racist (Hakim 15). And the South had problems of its own-racism remained after the death of slavery.

The South was incredibly racist. Thankfully, the 13th Amendment had been passed, banning slavery (Thirteenth Amendment 1865). The South, was constantly trying to subvert black rights with things like the black codes, which made freed black men basically slaves again, hampering on their rights to drink, walk in the night outside, or own property, and more. (Louisiana Black Codes 1865). The ex-slaves had to deal with the problems of poverty and lack of education. They also had to deal with the Ku Klux Klan. They were a hate group that terrorized blacks and tried to make them stop voting (KKK Testimony 1869).

The problems ex-slaves had to face were being solved during the time of Reconstruction. The Federal Government used the Freedmen’s Bureau- a group of people who traveled to the South to help people in need-to help those in need. Mainly ex-slaves and poor whites. This brought a

The political era of 1865-1876 was a time of revolution, because it had experimentation with equality from people who wouldn’t have supported it before. Many levels of government were fixated on the equality for freed people. This was because the Radical Republicans were in power. In congress, they passed amendments-the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. The Fourteenth amendment said that anyone born in the US was a citizen, and that no laws could be passed that were racist (Fourteenth Amendment 1868). This was a response to the Black Codes, the racist laws that oppressed blacks. They also passed the Fifteenth Amendment, which meant that the ability to vote cannot be abridged because of race, or previous servitude (Fifteenth Amendment 1870). This was revolutionary-it meant that as long as these were enforced, blacks would have a fair chance.

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