unit 1 day 7


The basics of HTML

When creating a webpage, you can use different advanced text editors such as notepad++ for windows, and text wrangler for mac. This helps us organize our coding into different colors so we can see what is wrong with it so we can try to fix it. Then to claim a document as an html document, write the extension as .html. To make different headings and titles so that we can add new paragrpahs using the <h> <p>, and more tags. In addition, you need to make sure that you close a tag before saving your webpage so that the tag actually works.

How to add images

In order to add images, you need to identify the image source and use the <img src> tag. Then, when choosing an image, open the image by clicking view image so you can have a link to the file that actually works. In order to link, you need to write in the tag of <a href> and then write the link as a url.