Meril's Intro

Like the title says, hello world! I'm Meril, a 13 year old who somehow has the mental capacity to make this webpage. I'm in the 8th grade at the Baccalaureate School of Global Education (long name, I know). This little assignment is for my tech class, today was actually my first day and it went pretty well.

Anways, the next topic I should talk about is my interests because every human must like something, we can't be robots (not that I haven't tried.) I live for books like Percy Jackson and the Mortal Instruments. If I listed my favorite books, I'd probably run out of space in this webpage because of how indecisive it is. But I do have a favorite author, it's Rick Riordan for his awesome mythology books like the Kane Chronicles. I'm also a cartoon fan. Star vs the Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls are my favorities cause of the good fan theories and the overall plot complexity.