What I Like To Wear

Style for me, is something I don't think about. I take whatever shirts and pants are at the top of my dresser and put them on. I typically don't need to see whether they match because jeans, a staple in my wardrobe matches with practically anything. All that matters to me is that I look somewhat presentable. Many people may argue that I tend to dress in a more younger way, but that's really just what's available in the kids section. Also, many of my clothes are in fact gifts, so in some ways I guess you could say that my style isn't necessarily my choice. I refuse to go shopping for clothing on my own because I hate department stores with a passion, and so therefore my clothing options are quite limited.

My Favorite Colors

Just because I don't care about what I wear does not mean I don't care about color in general. My favorite color, as you can tell is teal, as shown by this webpage. I'm also pretty fond of pink and lavender. That color scheme is something that I always like to use in presentations.