In this site, you will find all of my technology assignments so far. Here you can find a variety of topics we have covered so far and in this webpage, there are various links to my 10 assignments. As well as this there are all the "Dont Judge" movies in the triology series. I hope you find this interesting. Don't judge me for my personal character.

Unit 1

Day 1: I'm so sorry that you have to see this.
Day 2: Some interesting pictures...*clickbait*
Day 3: Dont judge
Day 4: All the trash i have made so far.
Day 5: Again, don't judge
Day 6: Betcha can't see me!
Day 7: Don't listen to any of this, do not even try it. You might permanently destroy your computer.
Day 8: The schedule of nightmares.
Day 9: Dont judge 3- The Judge Returns
Day 10: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec ullamcorper.

Unit 2

Day 4:Colors!
Day 5: Distinction!
Day 6: My backgrounds
Day 7: Lifes hard, its really hard.
Day 8: lights, camera, action!
Day 9: The hell bent table of doom.
Day 10:Ugh...CSS3