My honest favorite color is just a shade;black. Black is simple and although not colorful, it is a casual color.

This is a paragraph.>If i were to choose another color, i would choose a light aqua-blue, it reminds me of the coolness of the sea and makes me feel as though there is water on my clothes.

I also admire red as one of my more vibrant colors as it is a sharp color, reminding me of heat or fury.


If i were to describe my style of clothing, i would just say jeans and a t-shirt, thats it. I dont really care about what I wear as long as it does 3 things.
1) Keep me warm
2)Keep me cool
3)Keep me covered


I would describe my character as moody and sarcastic when talking to classmates. I'm sometimes hyper and often dumbfounded by many things.