The Life of Dev

Dev is a strange girl. She is a bit of a mess. She doesn't know what's going on with her life. Dev is just going with the flow and hopes things work out for the best. As you most likely could tell, it isn't the best method to go about things. For instance, Dev says that she is going to finish a school project two days before the due day. She never does. Procrastination is her biggest enemy. Dev will never defeat it. She always lies to herself and says that she will. But as you have probably figured out, Dev will never do as she says.


One of the main elements of this 12 year old girl is her love for art. She enjoys drawing and proudly owns 2 filled out sketchbooks. Dev will most likely never show you though. Still, people know her as the artsy friend in the group. All her best friends make fun of her for it. She wears the label with proud, though. During her school breaks, you can find her wandering the many musuems of Manhattan. Her favorite is the The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'm afraid that I have revealed too much information about this odd girl. The FBI is currently after me for withholding, uh, certain things from then. Well, tata then!