New York City! You might know it as "the big apple", "the city of dreams", "the city that never sleeps, "the capital of the world", "the empire city"-you get it, it's endless! NYC is the biggest city in the country. The city is separated into 5 boroughs; Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Immigrants originally came to the country to have a new start and live their dreams. Because of all the immigrants who have came to the city, it is very diverse. The city was greatly impacted by immigrants and to the day, it is being influenced by New Yorkers. More than 800 languages are spoken in NYC, more than anywhere in the world! This place is always busy so you're going to need a guide, so stay around! Here, you can find out all about the boroughs, food, how to get around, souvenirs, hotels, and tourist attractions like museums. There's just so many places to viist in New York and you are going to need to know how to survive.

With its compact size and streets packed with eye-candy of all sorts – architectural treasures, Old World cafés, atmospheric booksellers and curio shops – NYC is an urban wanderer’s delight. Crossing continents is as easy as walking over a few avenues in this jumbled city of 200-plus nationalities. You can lose yourself in the crowds of Chinatown amid brightly painted Buddhist temples, steaming noodle shops and fragrant fishmongers, then stroll up to Nolita for enticing boutiques and coffee-tasting among the craft-minded scenesters. Every neighborhood offers a dramatically different version of New York City – from the 100-year-old Jewish delis of the Upper West Side to the meandering cobblestone lanes of Greenwich Village. And the best way to experience this city is to walk its streets.

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