My 8-4 Technology Homepage

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Hi! This website is a collection of the 10 webpages that I have created
for Technology Class at the Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE). They have information on everything from my school class shedule (Day 8) to a explanation of how to show your HTML code in
code (Day 7).

Description of my Webpages:

Day 1- A little about me.
Day 2- A few Websites and pictures I like.
Day 3- A quote and a poem, that I like.
Day 4- Links to some of my other webpages.
Day 5- My favorite color and what I wear.
Day 6- A question and answer.
Day 7- A page with all the code visible.
Day 8- My class schedule.
Day 9- A set of lists with different types of bullet points.
Day 10- A group of six paragraphs in a particular
format. The first letters of each paragraph stand out.