Tajwar"s First Webpage

Hi! My name is Tajwar and I'm 14 years old. I'd say that I am pretty kind, maybe a bit too kind. Anyway, I love dancing. In fact, I would be dancing during a test and waste my time. I also love to eat and sleep. Talking to friends is something I do on a daily basis. I sometimes feel really bored and think that I might go crazy if there isn't someone to talk to.

I really dislike people who tell a huge lie or try too hard. Those type of people really get under my nerves. It takes a lot to get me mad. In fact, I faced many situations that should've angered me, but I was just really upset at the person. I forgive that person a few days later. Procrastination is a huuuge problem I deal with. Sometimes, it's worth while, but other times, procrastination leaves me alone with my thoughts, which is not a good thing.