Netflix, Spotify, and Memes

One of my favorite websites is Netflix. I can not only watch some of my favorite shows on this website, but I can also watch both new and old movies. While I admit it sometimes distracts me from my homework, watching Netflix is a great escape from the world and one of my favorite sources of entertainment.

Another website I love is the Spotify web player. When I'm not watching Netflix and doing my homework I'm listening to music and doing homework. I made a playlist I always listen to and my music taste ranges from heavy metal rock to Drake or gospel. Music is the perfect balance because it keeps me awake, but doesn't distract me from whatever I'm doing. Even if I sing along, I know the songs on my playlist so well that it's almost second nature. I love listening to my music, and spotify is the perfect place to do it.

One type of picture I like is Joe Biden memes. They are both hilarious and political. SFGate

I have to admit that I do love memes. They are hilarious and relatable. This particular one I chose had a reference to a song from the musical Grease. Overland literary journal