My Style

I generally wear pretty neutral clothes. They don't really fit into any category. However, I do like to wear sporty clothes a lot of the time. A comfortable shirt, sweatpants, and sneakers is my go-to outfit when I wanna play sports (which is almost every day). I have one or two graphic tees of my favorite bands. I also love to wear jeans.

Like I said before, I generally dress in pretty neutral clothing. This applies to the colors I wear. They are never to bright. Grey, navy, and black are colors I wear pretty often. My shirts are usually one solid color, but when I do wear a pattern it's usually stripes.

I hate wearing dresses or skirts. I've heard people say that dresses are loose and more comfortable than other clothes. In my case they make me feel confined probably because it's really hard to run and play sports in a dress. Once, my mom had to force me to go back and change because even though I fulfilled her wishes of wearing a dress, I paired it with jeans and my beat up sneakers.