To create a basic webpage, there are a few basic tags that are required.
First a text editor is required, in the text editor the <!DOCTYPE> tag is required, in this case it will be <!DOCTYPE html> since it's a webpage. Right after the doctype tag, is the <html> tag Then, a <head> tag is required Inside of the <head> tag, there is a child tag, <title>, the title is what is shown on the tab. After creating the title, it needs to be closed with </title>, once the title is closed, close the head with </head> Then is the <body>, Inside the body there can be many things such as pictures, links, or text. For simply text, use the <p> tag to create a paragraph. After putting text in the paragraph, close it with <p> Once that is done, the body can be closed, </body>, followed by </html>

The html will look like this:
<!DOCTYPE html>