i love myself

My name is mollie, and I am in 8th grade at BSGE. My interests include myself and my cats. Why, you ask, do my interests include myself and my cats? Well, lucky for you, I have an answer! I love myself. I am the best thing that has ever happened to myself (although narcissistic, ask yourself - without yourself, would you be yourself?). The very definition of narcissism is excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance, and while I fit this definition to the most extreme definition, I see no fault in it. Is there truly fault in loving yourself in a time when we, as an entire species, are so full of hatred for ourselves and those we share the world with?

Why, you ask, do I love my cats? My cats have never wronged me. They only seek to sit within the same room as me, and plainly adore me although they ask nothing in return (this is not true). Other things I moderately enjoy are communication and discussion about myself. Another topic of interest to me is the eternal doom our country is currently facing. In this time we must conquer the fear we face with love (of ourselves).