Hello mortal being. I am a fellow mortal being. The greater beings known as teachers rule us all. We are all doomed to suffer under their power. At least from 8:50am to 2:20pm. After school, we are ruled by smaller lesser non sentient beings knwon as homework. We have to endure this pain together, work through it together. Shady tactics may be involved. But we will surive through this, together. Why? Because when we are free from these hells, we have times to ourselves. I wait for this time everyday, and i work hard just to get to that time faster. But, lets be real we all enjoy this time. We all wait for this time, to end our miserable suffering.

Finally. We are free. We can do what we want, and we are finally enojoying our life. We can live our lives out, and not be slaves to our overlords. As a victim of this system, I can easily say that this time is the only reason i live. I enjoy this snall amount of time I have alone and to myself so much. I try to use this time to its fullest, doing everything I can, see new things, try different experiences. Do you not agree, fellow mortal? What do you enjoy doiong? I enjoy playing with this complicated machine called a computer. In fact i am writing this call of my suffering from this machine. On this, I enjoy playing games. These "games" are for self enjoyment, and they work quite well. I can melt away my worries with hours of action on these games. What do you do fellow mortal?