Creating a basic web page

HTML coding ❨ HyperText Markup Language ❩ is used in text editors to make basic webpages. In order to get started with this, you need a text editor. Most computer software come in with a built in software ex. Notpad on windows. Once you open it up, it is important to click save as, then saving it as a HTML file. This allows it to be displayed as a web page.

Getting started with code

First, the beginning line of code is ❨DOCTYPE html ❩ . Write this first line of code directly down with the less than and greater than signs. After that, write ❨html ❩ . From here, write ❨Head ❩ . Here you can store data for web browsers when they display your webpage, including author keywords etc. This is done with ❨meta ... ❩ Other lines of code go in places of dots depending. But, creating a title here is nessecary, unlike meta data. A title is done by ❨title ❩ Write title here ❨/title ❩ . After every line of code excluding the DOCTYPE one, they need to be ended with the same tag along with a slash. The things in the less than and greater than symbols are tags. Along with this, each tag inside tags that aren't closed much be closed first. Effectively, you close the most inner tag first, then move to the outer tags.


Now, we start the body with ❨body ❩ . Remember this has to be closed at the end. Here is where all your visible content goes, including links, text, headings, etc. Although many things can be done, I will only go over the most simple and basic, the headings and paragraphs. In order to start a paragraph, or block of text you generally need a heading. To make a heading use ❨h1 ❩ Write heading here ❨/h1 ❩ Again the slash closes or ends the tag. The number of headings also changes the tag. If you have 2 headings, the seconds heading should be ❨h2 ❩ ❨/h2 ❩ . The number in the heading is relative to the number of heading on your webpage.


Paragraphs are started with the tag ❨P ❩ content ❨/p ❩ This is where your block of text goes, and unlike headings, they aren't ordered. There really isn't much to this tag, it is just a very simple tag.


Ending the webpage, you generally close out the body, again with the slash. Then you close out the page with ❨/html ❩ This closes out the entire page, and no more content can be put on. You are now done with your basic webpage!