What is BTS?

BTS is a Kpop group. It consists of 7 males, ages ranging from 19-24 years. BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which translates to "Bulletproof Boy Scouts". But we just call them "Bangtan Boys". They first debuted in 2013, with their debut song, "No More Dream". From there, they've won many awards and have broken some records. Now here's some of their song lyrics to show that I've learned how to code with quotes, line breaks, computer code, and such.

BTS Song Lyrics

DISCLAIMER: These lyrics are all translated from another language. I do not own these translations. I did not translate the songs myself.

21st Century Girls

WINGS (2016)

To the 20th century girls (Live your life, live your life, come on baby) To the 21st century girls (You don’t mind, you don’t mind that new lady) Tell them that you’re strong Tell them you’re enough Let you go let you go let you go Let it go oh


WINGS (2016)

Take me to the sky
If only I could fly freely freely
If only I could escape forever ever
If my wings could fly
I penetrate through the air that gets heavier and heavier, and fly

Fly I I fly I fly away
Higher than higher than
Higher than the sky
Fly I I fly I fly away
With all my strength, my rosy wings

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly

It's Definitely You

Hwarang OST Part 2 (2016)

Actually this song was only by 2 of the members, V and Jin. This isn't a part of their albums because it's part of a soundtrack for this drama V was filming. The drama is called Hwarang. Here's a sample of the song, using that html sample element.

The key of my fate that I gave to the sky
It’s in my hands again
I swallow in a long sigh and burn up my soul
So I can have you

For You

For You (2015)

This song is a single, so it's not in an album. Also it is in Japanese, instead of Korean. But BTS still sang the song. I wonder if putting an abbreviation next to BTS counts as a quote.

Everything is for you
Everything is alright
Even if there is no answer
Everything is inside your smile

Even if we are apart
Our hearts are connected to each other
Forever with you