Unit 1 Day 7

Whoa its <html>! But what is html? Html is the root of code. But what's code used for? Code is for making webpages, like the one you're looking at right now! In code, tags are used, so here's a list of tags and what they do.

<!DOCTYPE html> This shows that your code is for HTML5. This is written in HTML5 too!

<html> Like I said before, html is the root of your code. You need it. Include it, don't forget it.

<head> This contains your metadata. Metadata is all your information that doesn't really get seen inside of your webpage. But it's filled with important stuff, so you need it.

<title> The title is pretty much the title of your webpage.

<style> The style controls, well, the style. It makes your webpage all nice and, umm, yeah. It controls font, background color, font size, text color, and all that cool stuff.

<body> The body is all the visible text on your web page. This is what people see.

<h1> This is your heading. It has a bunch of other headings (h2, h3, h4, h5, h6). As the number gets bigger, it gets less important, and smaller.

<p> This is your paragraph tag. It just has text in it.

<b> This is the tag to bold text. There's another tag, <strong> which makes your text important, which also boldens it. But remember, its important, not only bold.

<i> This is the tag to italicize text. The one that makes it italicized and emphasized is the tag <em>.

<small> This tag is pretty straightforward. It makes your text small.

<mark> This tag makes your text highlighted, and marked.

<ins> This tag makes your text inserted, or underlined.

<sub> This tag makes your text subscripted. In case you don't know what that means here's an example: Textsubscripted

<sup> This tag makes your text superscripted. Here's an example: Textsuperscripted

<del> This tag makes your text look removed and makes a cool strikethrough effect

There's a whole lot more tags, like for quotes and links and images and the like. But you know what? Go look for yourself! I'm really sorry it's just that I've already written alot and this is all the basic things I guess. Here's a link to a helpful website: