hi hello, let me tell you all about the flower knights,

Instead of lorem ipsum text, I think I'll just fill in this space with the plot of this korean drama I literally just finished two days ago. It has 20 episodes and the first episode aired on December 19th, 2016 while the last episode aired on February 21st, 2017. The drama is called Hwarang and is about a bunch of flower knights. It's a pretty amazing drama and for the week and a few days that I've been watching it, I've become a bit obsessed. However, before I explain the bare bones of the plot, let me just tell you that the only reason I'm actually writing this is because I have the time to. I can only write four lines of paragraphs since I'm not in a time crunch to get four lines of a paragraph as soon as possible. It's because I went home from school early and didn't have the chance to do this in class.

So you have your three main characters, Sun Woo, who is also Moon Myung, who is also Dog Bird. Then you have Ji Dwi, or Sam Mek Jong, who just happens to also be King Jinheung. Then there's the female lead, Ah Ro. She doesn't have any other names, thank goodness. So Moon Myung goes into the capital of the country he's living in, which is called Silla. Thing is, he's with his friend, Mak Moon. Mak Moon is looking for his sibling, but he can only identify them through the necklace he/she is wearing. It just so happens that Ah Ro is the sibling. Ah Ro is a story teller who tells love stories and gets paid for it. Ji Dwi is a king in hiding and living amongst his people. So obviously the three main characters meet up some way some how and how that happens would probably spoil the drama for you.

Hwarang aka screaming kids with rage, wait not all of them are like that