Hey so let's talk about a strong girl with two weak boys,

So, since I feel like it, I'm filling yet another web page with text you probably aren't going to read. So this is about another korean drama. Last time it was about Hwarang, and I do think it was a nice looking page. However this time, I'm writing about the drama Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon. It's about this girl, Do Bong-Soon, who's born with supernatural strength. It actually runs in the females in her family. There's two other main leads. Bong-Soon is the female lead while Ahn Min-Hyuk and In Gook-Du are the male leads. Obviously there's a love triangle, and the reason I'm watching this is for this one favorite actor of mine. Hint ! He was a lead in Hwarang too. Anyways this storyline is kind of crazy and has a lot of tiny plots, like this murder case. So it gets scary at times.

So let's talk about Bong-Soon. The guy she's carrying on the picture in the middle is Ahn Min-Hyuk, her boss, possible love interest, and so on. The guy she's carrying on the far right is In Gook-Du, her crush that she's had ever since elementary school. So, Bong-Soon is crazy strong and she breaks bones without a sweat. She has a really cute image and gets even cuter around Gook-Du. Actually, she's the bodyguard to Min-Hyuk mainly because of the giant salary that she gets. Gook-Du knows nothing about Bong-Soon's strength and actually thinks she's pretty helpless, but Bong-Soon wants him to think this. It's odd, but it's the truth. And then the murder case happens and they all end up living under the same roof. Great.

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Now let's talk about Ahn Min-Hyuk. Yeah, he's kind of the guy I watched this entire drama for. But it's a great drama don't get me wrong. The actor's name is Park Hyung-Sik. He's a great actor. Okay so Min-Hyuk is quite a strange guy. He's the CEO of this giant company called Ainsoft that he started himself. He does come from a rich family, but he's worked hard on his own and his wealth came from his hard work. Lately, he's been getting threats to shut down this game of his that made him rich in the first place. Now there's murder threats and stuff, so what does he need? A bodyguard! So of course he chooses Bong-Soon because she's insanely strong and he's seen her in action. She literally sent grown men flying. It's kind of terrifying if this happens in real life.

Last one. So we have the last one, In Gook-Du. To be honest sometimes I think he's somewhat dumb because why can't he tell that Bong-Soon likes him? It's so obvious. Anyways, he has a girlfriend, and only considers Bong-Soon as a friend. Only a friend. Gook-Du is a cop and he's a pretty good one. However his superiors don't really like him all that much. If I was his superior, I wouldn't like him too much either. He's kind of weird at times. One more thing. Gook-Du is like, super overprotective. He goes through giant lengths to protect Bong-Soon from this murderer. She's seen him 3 times, so of course he should protect her. But at times it just seems a bit too much. I don't really feel anything towards this character. He's sort of, meh. I don't know yet, the drama hasn't ended. Will he finally realize his love? I don't know.

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