A Guide to New York By a New Yorker


A modified image of the New York City skyline.

New York City is a huge and well-known city. There’s over 8 million people living in New York City. There are many things to do in New York. You can eat at some renowned restaurants, or see all the sights New York has to offer. You can enjoy the quiet Central Park, or shop at the bright Times Square. You can use the subway to get around places in the city. Let this site welcome you to the Big Apple!

Before you venture off on your own, there are many preparations needed for your visit to New York City. The external websites listed to the left of the site will provide a great help in planning your trip. There are also other things you have to plan. You need to know where to go when you arrive to New York City. You have to know where to stay, and what you’ll eat. You also need to know how to get around New York City and its 8 billion people. Getting around New York City can have its risks, so make sure to check out the Safety page on basic safety guidelines in New York.

A modified image of New York over the East River from Roosevelt Island.