Here's a random paragraph that won't really have any significance.. I feel like the only reason I need this is for showing off how I can make each variable affect the array. It should be fine and working,, hopefully..

The button below will change all headings to the color selected

A Random Heading

The button below will replace all inset paragraphs to say your entered text

I'm not even sure what to put in here. Honestly, I'm not even sure if my code will work. Please work. Honestly I really don't know why it won't work all of a sudden. I probably made a stupid mistake or something.

The button below will change the background color of this section of the webpage and the header.

The button below will change the font color of all the text to a color you enter.

The button below will change the background color of a surprise paragraph to a color you enter.

Honestly this is really confusing. Isn't it super annoying when everything goes wrong because of some weird stupid mistake you made? Because that's honestly how I'm feeling right now.

Can I like, scream? That's what I feel like doing but I live in the bottom floor so I can't exactly do that. Plus it's kind of late at night right now. Honestly I thought I was good at tech, but it turns out, I'm not. What really stinks is how I'm so bad at JavaScript.

Seriously why does JavaScript have to be so specific about everything??? I'm probably missing some weird space or something but it'll still come out as wrong. Isn't that annoying? I think that's annoying. I wonder how I'll manage to learn Java or other programming languages. To be honest I have no idea how I'm going to do a unit project.

Okay now that I got everything, I'd like to thank Meril, Matteo, Parthiv, and Ivan for their code that I used for reference. Let me say that I did not copy their code. Honestly go check the page source, I didn't copy it. It was just that I had no idea why my last two buttons weren't working, but you know what? I'm fine now. It took me twenty minutes but I got it.

Here's a really cute lockscreen photo of BTS.