Unit 3 Day 3

JavaScript Inputs

Enter First Name Enter Last Name

So here I am using JavaScript yet again. Honestly it confuses me a bit since you have to be very exact when typing in your values and such. JavaScript can be pretty confusing with the whole CamelCase thing so I try to make my variables only one word. I do hope everything turns out well and that you really do insert your name into the box. Really, please do.

I have some more space to fill up. So here I am going to fill it in with a bunch of nonsense. I don't really like to use lorem ipsum text to be honest. I'm not sure why, I just don't. I honestly prefer writing random things in my paragraphs rather than some nonsense text. This thing took me so long because all I was doing was customizing this page. Honestly I hated how it was before I tampered with it. It really isn't the best but I do like this better than what it was before.

Some BTS picture I found on the internet.